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Terms of use

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my terms.
they apply even if you not have read them. the terms may change
if i see it necessary to change them in anyway.
First of all : this is no drama zone, if you are looking for drama, please go elsewhere.
I expect same of you as i do expect from myself always.
100% always give credit , do not steal.
be nice and polite, friendly and always show respect. i think the pixel world should be all about that. don´t you?
 And a small Thank You!! Doesn´t hurt to say.

You must never share your login info with anyone. Doing this will result of removal of your membership and no refunds will be received.
You must have a website to apply for the membership.
Your website must be in English, Swedish or Finish. These are the language i understand.
You must have "No right click" code and the "No In´mage Tool Bar" code installed. You can get them at www.dynamicdrive.com
Your site must be family and child friendly.
If you have a memberarea, I need to have access to the area occaisionally to check that my terms are being followed. I will mail you when
 and if I need any login and off course I wont use anything from your memberarea without joining the correct way and pay for my membership.
You have 1 week ( 7 days ) after sign in to display the MYG-logo linked back to my site.
When your membership expires and if you continue to use tubes and other graphics from MYG you still need to keep the MYG logo with a link back on your site.
I only have the right to accept or reject new members, I only have the right to cancel some ones membership if caught violating my terms
 or other artists terms. No refounds given. And all MYG graphics should be removed immediately
Inside the memberarea: You may request /order 5 sigtags every week. They are for your personal use only. Do NOT alter them in anyway,
 NO resizing, NO tubing, NO recoloring. They come as they are. Period! There are sistertags to order aswell and those may be given to
your friend and he or she must follow my terms aswell.
 The siggies can be used as forum signatures, in emails, or to decorate your site.
Siggieclub: They come as they are, and when using they need to be linked back, Always!
There are sistertags aswell and if you chose to give those to your friend, your friend must
follow my terms aswell.
Don´t claim my tubes as your own. Don´t pass them around , do not share them with anyone. You may use my tubes to create
 sigtags, websets, premades, adoptions, wp-themes, IM- letters etc. When creating websets, wh-themes and IM-letters, make sure
 to have a textlink back to MYG on the set. You may offer the finished product for free or for profit.
It´s forbidden to use the tubes as they are, you need to make something out of them, add other graphics. It´s not good enought with a text (name) only.
My purchaseware tubepacks must always be inked back with the provided ceertificate on the same page where the finished product are dispalyed. No exceptions!
Do NOT resize, recolor, cut or otherwise change the tubes. No outline tracing. They come as they are,

The lines are all © MeYou Graphics. You may NOT offer them as asis if not otherwise stated. You may tube them if you have a tube license. You may NOT change the lines in
anyway. You may offer your finished graphics for free or for profit. Remember, to be selling or offering tubed outlines you must have a tube license.

AS IS Special terms:

I have purchased some lineart and tube packs with AS IS license, this means only that I´m allowed to put them up in my member area for my members to use, They are not in anyway
to be used as AS IS somewhere else. This area have special terms, My terms and also the original creators terms. Be sure to follow both before using any lines or tubes from this area.
These items are for END USE ONLY for my members!! Period!! The lines may be tubed if you hold an tubelicense.

My tubes and other graphics are NOT to be used AS IS anywhere, End use only! iF NOT Otherwise stated. With As Is use means
 you can have it in your member area for your members to use. They are not to be sold as as is.
I have line and tube sets in my purchase ware are with option ASIS and if this options is chosen then you may put them in
Your member are for your members to use as END USE only.


Change of terms 2010-05-18 Social Communities

Use of my graphics at Social Communities as LiveJournal. Are permitted to use my graphics
but only if the terms are followed and you place a grid to the graphics displayed. Always giving proper credit and respect my work
 aswell of other artists. If I discover that this are  misused or in other way disrespected I will change these terms back and not allow.
 Do always remember that all artist does not allow their work and I use their work and their work should not be used.
It´s your thing to keep track of  who´s ok and who´s not.

* Please don't steal anything from my site to claim as your own. Yes, it's easy. I know.
But it's rude to do so and only hurts you in the long run, as it's not yours and it shows my creativity, not your own.
*I reserve the right to cancel membership, with-hold your membership or deny membership. I haven't had to do this hardly at all, but it's my right to do so. I promise, I'm fair.
*Please put your membership logo up within 7 days of joining. It shows me you want to be a part of this members area, and you have no problem linking back.
*Respect my other members, and myself at all times. I can promise then, you'll get the same respect from me.
*Please contact me with any questions. I may be slow to answer, but you'll always get one.
*If there's something you want to see added, or have a comment, also feel free to contact me.
( Credit for terms http://www.lissypixel.com/   used with permission )

And always remember that little kindness and a lil thank you can make some ones
day a little brighter and place a smile on their faces.

big hugs majmaj