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You will pay for all existing content in the memberarea,
updates are done but not on regular base. 

6 Months - $ 15 usd
1 Year - $ 25 usd
Lifetime -  $ 35 usd

Tubelicense: $ 25 usd

Small sample of what´s inside the memberarea:


No longer counting the stats. July/2014

Stats: 2014-02-06

Tubes: 49768 (No longer counting)
Sigtags: 1059
As Is lines/tubes: 1110 sets
Webgraphics: 489
Websets: 13
Discounts: 10
Adoptions: 187
Original MYG outlines: 2448
Premades: 32
Im Letters Collab: 50
Im Letters MYG: 13
Original MYG tubes: 1516
Custom sets: 37
Collabs: 20
Misc Graphics: 5
Asis Tubes: 293 /for your mem.area
Asis Lines: 137 /for your mem.area
Color Charts: 14
Tubes by members : 7 sets
Misc graphics 1:  16 im letters
Sigtag backs/misc graphics2: 38
Wallpapers: 1
Exclusive sets: 9
Mix orig tubes/lines: 87
Leo´s Corner tubes: 46 zip files


I don´t count each line or tube in those sets
that are purchased, not on custom sets or collabs
either and exclusive sets.
I just count the sets and or collabs + specials
So there are thousands and thousands of lines and tubes
in those categories.